Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun starts after release of the product

Like other dev-entrepreneurs i hated marketing/sales at first time, i guess because programming is much more quantifiable than marketing/sales.

In programming you deal with machine, tell it how to behave & when something didn't work you know how to fix it.

In marketing/sales you are dealing with other human (customers, bloggers, partners etc). It is more of psychology play. You will certainly don't know why certain things didn't work/worked in particular way.

Productizing an interesting problem/idea is just start of the journey. Real fun starts when you selling it. You get lot of energy when,

  • Your product is being used by customers (uhh, finally built something people need)
  • You receive love letters & support requests from customers and hate mails from competitors (few meaningful emails in your Inbox).
  • Revenue generation (allows to on-board new hackers to experiment exciting ideas)

Ship your product quickly and start selling. Your excitement will grow exponentially with every customer acquisition.