Sunday, August 12, 2007

Static Language Runtime

Disclaimer: ** Just for fun**

If you are a Ruby/Python lover, you probably very glad by now as ruby/python adaptation across various spectrum of industry is growing at very rapid phase, and these dynamic languages are ported to existing enterprise heavyweights like Java.

Let’s go one step further from here, why can’t we port static language like Java to ruby? Think of it, we will have Static Language Runtime for Java/C# in ruby/python. I am talking about bi-directional portability at runtime level. Won’t that be fun?.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Small Observations as DEV

  • Production Environment: Is a place, where only limited people are allowed to make mistakes.
  • Java Dev's belief
    • Carl Sagan : Number of stars is more than sum of all grains of sand on all beaches in earth.
    • Java Dev's belief : Number of java frameworks should be more than number of stars.
  • It is not very difficult to master a framework compared to understanding the fundamentals.
  • Every offshore vendor has two kinds of developers,
    • 1) Excite about technology, innovate at work, and generate revenue for the company
    • 2) Work at Center of Excellence and/or Technology practice
  • The only benefit of CMM certification is exercised at first by every offshore vendor when things go wrong in a project. "Blame process at client end". It was difficult to find reason(s) for a failure when client too CMM certified. Solution? Have more certifications apart from CMM. Execution capability of offshore vendor grows with number of certification it acquires.