Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pattern of human centric business processes

Many SMEs use email for workflow management. Email based workflows are best examples of "human centric" business processes. The flexibility of email allows enterprises to structure their workflow system with ease. But email based workflows are painful when the team size is not small and business process requires,

  • Transparency among team members (who is working on what & how long).
  • Traceability of work item across various departments.
  • Quantitative data to analyze existing process structure for improvements.
In enterprises, pattern of "capturing data via web form (or) email that flows among group of people in an orderly sequence", repeats for many human centric business processes such as "IT helpdesk", procurement and employee on-boarding etc. We recently released Postoz (, a SaaS hosted, web based solution for this common pattern.

Postoz enables enterprises to create and deploy business processes in few minutes. With Postoz, enterprises can build automation solution for business processes the creative way they wanted and deploy them over internet, instantly.

Here are the links to get started and know more about Postoz,

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