Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Small Observations as DEV

  • Production Environment: Is a place, where only limited people are allowed to make mistakes.
  • Java Dev's belief
    • Carl Sagan : Number of stars is more than sum of all grains of sand on all beaches in earth.
    • Java Dev's belief : Number of java frameworks should be more than number of stars.
  • It is not very difficult to master a framework compared to understanding the fundamentals.
  • Every offshore vendor has two kinds of developers,
    • 1) Excite about technology, innovate at work, and generate revenue for the company
    • 2) Work at Center of Excellence and/or Technology practice
  • The only benefit of CMM certification is exercised at first by every offshore vendor when things go wrong in a project. "Blame process at client end". It was difficult to find reason(s) for a failure when client too CMM certified. Solution? Have more certifications apart from CMM. Execution capability of offshore vendor grows with number of certification it acquires.